How to use a template

Instructions for authors on how to get started using a template.

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To see the available templates, authors can select the Create tab (top right), and then select the Templates tab.

These templates give you an example structure with some pointers for what content to put where. You can use these courses as an outline to start building your own courses. As they are examples only, you will need to edit and evaluate what works best for your context and organisation.

You can find out a bit more about the particular template by following the link given in the ? pop up.

Screenshot showing pop up when you select the ? next to the name of the template. Text in pop up briefly describes the template and links out to further information.

To create a duplicate course you can use

Choose the template that best suits your needs.

Select Use this.

Screenshot of template card showing the label "Template", the title of the template, and the button "Use this".

This creates a copy of the template that you will have author access to.

Once the template has finished duplicating, you’ll get the option to Edit new course.

Screenshot of pop up when the template has finished duplicating showing the heading "All done!" and the button "Edit new course".

Editing the template

When you go into the course content, you will see that each page has an element with Author instructions which you can read, add your own content below, and then delete before you publish.

Screenshot of author instructions within a template. Arrows point out the heading "Author instructions" in the text element and show the green + where you can add your new content below the instructions and then delete the instructions element.

The Appendix section includes some more templates for specific kinds of tasks. These are focused on different ways you can make the learning active.

We have a comprehensive training video on how to use the week-by-week template which although based on that specific template, will give you a good idea of how to fill out any of the templates.

Copying pages or tasks within a template

In iQualify, you can save time by adding in a copy of an entire page using starred pages.

Or, if you’re just after a copy of a task. Add a task, choose Copy from existing and find the task you want a copy of.

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