How to add an image to a quiz

Course authors can insert images into quiz questions in order to test visual information

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This article covers our legacy quizzes. If you’re using tasks check out Add a quiz to your course. If you want to use tasks in your course talk to your iQualify Account owner.  Not sure if you are using a legacy or tasks course?  Read our article to find out.

Images can be added to the question text of a quiz CSV file by including a URL (website address link). You can either do this by first uploading an image to iQualify or by linking directly to an image hosted elsewhere.

Option 1: Uploading an image to iQualify

To add an image to a quiz you  first need to upload it to the Other files area of the iQualify course. Click on add a file under the Resources tab.

Underneath the file name a 'copy link' button will appear. Clicking this will copy a URL of the file path which can be pasted into the quiz .CSV file.

  • Alternatively, you can click on the image name to bring up the below screen. The relative URL is displayed in a text box and can be copied.

Option 2: External URL

Alternatively, you can link to an image hosted elsewhere by using an absolute URL. Images hosted externally will need to be on a secure public server. 

Referencing an image in the quiz .CSV

The image, regardless of whether it has been uploaded to iQualify or hosted externally must then be linked to the Question Text field in the quiz spreadsheet using the notation below:

  • ![]()

To do this: 

Image Alt Text: Type the image alt text in between the square brackets. 

  • E.g: ![This is the image alt text]().

Image URL:

  • Add the image URL into the round brackets. E.g: ![This is the image alt text}(/relative.url)

Text can be added before and after your image like so:

  • The image title ![This is the image alt text}(/relative.url) This is my question text

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