How to create an activity

Course authors can create activities for learners to actively engage them with the course content

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This article covers our legacy activities. If you’re using tasks check out Introducing Tasks. If you want to use tasks in your course talk to your iQualify Account owner.  Not sure if you are using a legacy or tasks course?  Read our article to find out.

As an author, you can create an activity in a page for your learner to complete. There are four types of activity templates currently available in iQualify. They are multiple-choice, open response, fill in the blanks (cloze) and submit task activities. Each activity is defined below:

Multiple Choice

In this activity, a question is posed to the learner, who has several answer options available to choose from. One or more of the answer options can be correct. A button can next to each available answer can be toggled from 'right' to 'wrong' to reflect this. The learner is asked to choose the best answer(s) to the question.

Open Response

Open response activities ask a learner to submit a text response to the question posed. Learners can also submit image and video files as a response. The length of the learner's text response can be set to short, medium or long, depending on the length of response expected from the learner.

Fill in the blanks

A fill in the blanks (or cloze) activity type lets you present a sentence or sentences to your learners with certain words deliberately left out, and replaced with blank spaces. You can have as few or as many blank spaces as you like. To successfully complete the activity, learners need to fill in the blank spaces with the correct word(s).

Once submitted, learners will be able to see the correct answers automatically. 

Submit Task

Submit task activities allow a builder to create a task for learners to complete outside of the iQualify course. Tasks may refer to a practical component of learning, or direct learners to an external web source to complete an activity.

The question asks the learner to complete an activity, and provides the information required to do so. Once completed, the learner will click the 'I have completed this activity' button.

There a 4 main components to an activity:

  • Question: the question posed to the user can be a simple text question or contain links to outside resources that the learner is asked to read or view to be able to answer the question. Videos can also be embedded in the question.

  • Response: the type of response required from the learner to complete the activity. This differs for each activity type.

  • Feedback: feedback is required for all activity types. Feedback is important because it helps reinforce the answer to the question and lets the learner know how they are progressing.

  • Hint (optional): a hint can be provided to the learner in order to help them answer the question.

How to:

To add an activity, select a page and click on 'Preview/edit'.  Use the + button to add an Activity.

In the activity container, select an activity from the drop down list. Create a title for your activity, and assign an expected time for completion.

After you have added activity instructions and feedback, click 'Update'.

A preview of the activity will appear. 

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