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How to connect external tools to your course on the fly
How to connect external tools to your course on the fly

Facilitators can embed external tools - such as LTIs - into a course, when and as needed.

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To connect an external tool to your course, you need to first check if you have this feature enabled. Check with your Account Owner. They can enable this feature under the Account Settings area of iQualify.

How to embed an external tool into your course

You can embed LTIs into the course overall or to any page within a course.

  1. Navigate to the page where you would like to add the external tool

  2. Click the plus button next to the page title 

or if you want the LTI to be available from the main course menu throughout the course click the + Add to this course button on the course menu and select LTI application.

3. Fill in the details which you have been provided by the LTI application you would like to launch. All apps will require a Launch URL, and some apps will require a consumer key and secret.  Or enter the website URL.


In this example we will embed an interactive code editor (Code Embed) into a page using LTI. 

For this example the launch URL is As this LTI tool doesn't require a Consumer Key or Secret we can leave those fields blank in this example. We will also: 

  • Add a note which is displayed to learners

  • Select where the app should appear on the page

  • Specify whether it should embed, or launch into another browser tab.

Once updated, the LTI app will be embedded and can be used by learners.

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