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How do I create an email campaign?
How do I create an email campaign?

Step by step instructions on how to create your first email marketing campaign.

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We've created a video tutorial on how to create your first campaign - if you learn by watching, click play below. If not - read the steps below!

To create your first campaign, navigate to the Email Marketing tab in your Iris account.

Click on the ‘New Campaign Template’ button. This will take you to the email campaign builder page. This is where you will input your email title, description and subject. You will also have the option to choose a template to start with - if you don’t want to use a pre-designed template, you can create your own.

The email builder allows you to design beautiful emails for newsletters, promotional emails and more. You can use one of our pre-designed templates and modify it for your business - or start from scratch.

Once you’ve finished creating your email, you can choose to ‘Save for Later’ or ‘Save and Send’. If you choose to save for later, you can come back to ‘My Campaign Templates’ to continue editing and send your campaign.

If you are ready to send, choose Save and Send. This will then display a modal for you to choose the group of clients you want to send the campaign to. Start by choosing Active and Inactive Clients, Active Clients, Inactive Clients, or Leads.

Then if you would like to add additional filters, you can choose from ‘Most Recent Session Type’, ‘Date of Most Recent Session’. and/or "Group".

The last step is to hit send! After a few minutes, you will begin to see your email campaign metrics show in the My Campaigns table.

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