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How do I enable, create, and use coupon codes?
How do I enable, create, and use coupon codes?
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How do I enable coupon codes?

You can enable coupon codes on your invoices by doing one of the following:

  • Navigate to the Invoice Setup page. Expand the Settings section and you will find an option to toggle on the coupon codes.

  • Navigate to your Invoices tab and then select Coupon Codes on the left menu. Create a new coupon. This will automatically enable coupon codes for your invoices.

*In order to leverage coupon codes, you must have a Square account connected.

How do I create a coupon code?

You can create coupon codes for your clients to use on their invoices by going to the Invoices tab across the top of your account. Navigate to the Coupon section and select “Create Code”

You can then set up the rules for your coupon code.

Discount Code: You can enter a specific code you would like to give your clients to use. They will enter this code when they receive their invoice in order to apply the discount. Codes cannot have spaces in them and are not case sensitive.

Discount Type: Choose between a dollar amount or percentage discount.

Discount Value: Set your dollar amount or percentage amount for your discount.

Expiration: Optionally, set the date you would like your code to expire. All codes will expire at 11:59 PM (in the time zone that is set in your Studio Profile settings) on the date you have selected.

Number of Redemptions: Optionally, set a limit for how many times this code can be used.

Prevent on First Installment: If you check this box, your coupon code will not be applied to the first installment. It will only be applied to all subsequent installments. If left unchecked, the code will apply across all installments.

How can I share my coupon codes with clients?

After creating your coupon code, you can promote it a few different ways.

  1. Create an email marketing campaign in your Iris account, promoting your discount and code. Include a link to your online booking calendar, making it a seamless process for your clients.

  2. Promote the code and promotion details on social media. Create a graphic with your code and a link to your booking calendar.

  3. Incorporate a code into your email templates and workflows. For example, you can create a code for 10% off products, and include the code and promotion details in your post-session email template.

Can I edit a coupon code after I've created it?

Once you've successfully created and saved a coupon code, you are able to edit the Expiration Date and/or Maximum Redemptions.

You will not be able to edit the code itself, discount type, or discount value.

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