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How to navigate my affiliate account
How to navigate my affiliate account
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When you sign up as an affiliate on Kickbooster, you will have access to your very own account to manage your profile, and keep track of your referral activity and commissions earned.


Once you've signed up as an affiliate and would like to make any changes to your account, you can do so by going to your Profile settings.

This is where you can update your email address associated with your account, change your password, and request to remove your account.

Under Account Details, you can make changes to your user name, your referral code, and add/edit your PayPal email address.

The Link sharing information included in your profile will be used when applying for a campaign that chooses to review affiliate applications prior to participation in their referral program. Click here to learn more about how to change your platform links.

Once you receive your first commission payment, you will be able to see payment details under Payout History.

Lastly, you can set your Email Preferences under your Profile settings.

Note: Kickbooster transactional emails can not be opted out of as it's required for us to send important information relating to your affiliate account.

Main Dashboard

When you bring in your first referral, your main Dashboard will become available and give you a snapshot of your overall performance. What does all this information mean?

Campaigns Boosted is the total number of campaigns you have participated in (closed and live campaigns).

Campaign Clicks is the total number of times your referral links have been clicked on.

Referrals is the total number of referrals you brought in.

Total Amount Boosted is the total dollar amount of your referrals.

Total Commissions Earned is exactly that, the total commissions you have earned.

Total Paid to Date is the total commission amount that you have received.

Commissions in Review is the commissions that have generated, but are still in a review period. Click here to learn more about commissions in review.

Next Payment is the commission amount that you can expect to receive on the payout date listed.

You can also breakdown your overall performance for Commission, Boosted, and Clicks using the graph below, with the option to select a specific date range.


You also have access to a breakdown of your performance for each campaign that you're currently participating in or have previously participated in. This information can be found on the Campaigns page. There is a dropdown menu where you can select to view All Programs, Live Programs, Completed Programs, and Unsuccessful Programs.

By default, the list of the current Live Programs you're participating in, will be displayed.

The Live Programs list will show you the campaign name, the type of referral program (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Indiegogo InDemand, or eCommerce), the end date (only Kickstarter or Indiegogo program), the total number of clicks, and boosts, the boosted dollar amount, the reward type (Commission or Store Credit), the commission rate, and the commissions earned.

The Completed Programs list will show you the campaign name, the type of referral program, the end date of the referral program, the total number of boosts, the boosted dollar amount, the reward type, the commission rate, the commissions earned, the commission paid to date, the commission collected status (green check = received payment for your commissions, clock = have not received payment for your commissions yet), and the date(s) when you were paid out your commissions.

You also have the option to filter your results based on the campaign types and/or if a reward is available.

Campaign details and keeping track of your commissions

In addition to providing you with a quick glance of your referral activity overall and per campaign, you can also view your referral link and code(if applicable) and details of your referrals for a specific campaign. When you click on the campaign name on the campaigns page, you will be brought to a new menu specifically for that campaign.

By default, you will be brought to the Share page of the campaign which will have your unique referral link, and discount code (if applicable - discount codes are only generated for any eCommerce programs that are offering a referred customer discount) and also a link to any media assets provided by the owner.

You will also have access an Analytics page for the campaign. This includes a mini dashboard and graph, similar to the information on your main dashboard, but data only specific to the campaign selected.

If you scroll down the analytics page, this is where you can view details of your Referral History.

This will show you the date that the referred pledge/order was tracked, the order amount, the reward percentage, the calculated commission earned, the transaction status (status of the pledge/order), the reward status, and the tentative payment date. This is the section you will want to keep an eye on to keep track of your commissions!

Link Builder

As an Affiliate, you may want to track various efforts, whether it be promotions done through your newsletter, social media or blog. Kickbooster allows you to create multiple affiliate links and name them accordingly using our Link Builder feature.


Lastly, there is a shortcut to our Marketplace where you can view all current referral programs that you can participate in.

Happy Boosting!

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