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What do I do when a child leaves my setting?
What do I do when a child leaves my setting?

Learn how to archive children.

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First you may wish to save the data related to the child

Things you may want to extract relating to the child.

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You can find articles on how to do each of these in the help section.

Move the child to the Archive group.

When a child leaves your setting, simply move the child to the Archive group. This will allow you to still have access to the child's records and the parent can view their history in the Parent Portal, without them being a part of your active daily group.

To move the child, go to the child's profile page, click Edit Child under the profile picture and choose the group from the dropdown box.

Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Once moved if your archive group is correctly set up the child will no longer appear in your active pages, eg. Register.

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