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Drag / Drop Scheduler & Dispatch

Schedule Jobs to your Field Team Members

Updated over a week ago

Our simple to use Drag / Drop Scheduler & Dispatch makes scheduling your Jobs super intuitive whilst giving full visibility for your business:

The Scheduler view gives you the option of filtering by specific team members or team categories, as well as the option to change the day view from horizontal to vertical to suit your preference, making a quick and easy to find who you need for the job at hand.

  • Double Click To Schedule – Simply double click on a chosen Team Member's blank time and date slot and scheduling options will appear including the option for recurring Jobs.

  • Drag and Drop – Need to make a quick change? Simply drag and drop the scheduled Jobs to the appropriate Team Member, date and time as required.

  • View Timeline Day – By default we show you the scheduler in a timeline for that day, just scroll left to right and up and down.

  • View Timeline Day/Week/Month/Agenda & List – If you wish to see more than just one day's Jobs, click Week, Month or Month List on the top right corner and you will be able to see all Jobs for that chosen week and month.

  • Create Events – If you need to create a custom event such as a holiday or sickness you can double click on a chosen user's blank time and date slot and select the Event option and type in the event details.

  • Calendar Date – Need to see jobs for a specific date? Simply click on the calendar icon next to the date on the top left and choose the required date.

  • View Business Hours – By default we display the scheduler in the business hours view, if you need to see the full day then click on "Show Full Day" on the bottom left of your screen.

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