Unassigned Jobs

Jobs That are Not Assigned to a Team Member

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Unassigned jobs are jobs that have been created but not assigned to a field team member. These jobs can be assigned to a field team member by editing the job or dragging and dropping on to the scheduler.

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Drag & Drop Unassigned Jobs On The Scheduler

To assign an unassigned job simply drag and drop the Unassigned Job to the appropriate team member, date and time as required. Once you have selected your preferred date and time you can update the duration of the job and activate any job recurrence if required.

Edit An Unassigned Job

To edit an unassigned job, navigate to the Jobs grid > Unassigned > Click on the edit button inside the job you would like to edit. This will take you to the edit job option where you will be able to update details such as Category, Client, Location, Field Team Member and the ability to add notes, etc.

Delete An Unassigned Job

You can Select All Unassigned Jobs or choose specific Jobs and you will be given the option to Delete Selected Jobs. Jobs can be individually deleted by checking the box beside the job you wish to delete and clicking on the delete jobs button.

Jobs can only be deleted if they are in the Unassigned status. To delete a job under any other status you must first unassign the job in question. For more information on job statuses please click here.

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