Our client asset service email reminders can be customised to ensure you get the message you want across. They can be set for a specific frequency and contact, ensuring your client gets notified of any upcoming services due for their assets.

Customise Asset Service Email Reminders Messaging

To customise the asset service reminder email message that is sent to your customer

Navigate to Settings > Email > Scroll Down To Asset Reminders
You have the ability to update the Subject heading and message body by simply typing your updated text into the respective fields.

You can also use additional variables i.e. 'company name, asset name, etc' by selecting the here option which will expand a list of variable options. Simply copy and paste the variable name into the email message.

Setup Frequency / Schedule For Automated Asset Service Email Reminders

The frequency or schedule for the automated asset service email reminders is setup when you are creating a PPM Schedule for the chosen client assets.

Navigate to Asset Management > PPM Scheduler

Klipboard only sends the one email to one contact (the contact set against the asset) for the service reminder. Its will only send the email reminder in advance of the next service date due according to however far in advance you set the reminder when creating a PPM Schedule (to view how to create a PPM Schedule for an Asset click here).

For example: Asset 1234 is due a service 10th November 2019 and you have the reminder set to go out 4 weeks prior it will send out one reminder on 10th October 2019

Assets That Have Recently Been Created & Have A Service Date In The Past or Due Soon

For your clients that have service dates coming up very soon and you have only setup their PPM Schedule today for the asset, there are some variables to be aware of:

If you have recently imported or created an asset and set the reminder to go out 4 weeks in advance then they will only get the reminder if there is 4 + weeks before their service.

If you have recently imported or created an asset and set the reminder to go out 4 weeks in advance but the next service date is in two weeks then they will not get a reminder.

The same applies for any assets you have recently imported or created that are due a next service and the date is the past. As you have only imported / created the asset on the platform recently and setup the asset schedule for it today the system will not pick up that a service reminder needs sent.

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