Asset Management Grid

View All Assets For Your Clients, Instantly See What Asset Services Are Due Using Intuitive Filters

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The Asset Management Grid is the place to view and manage all your Asset data across all clients and see upcoming services.

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Filtering Asset Grids

At the top of the screen you will see breakdowns of your Assets based on All Assets, Services Due Today, Due This Week, Next 30 Days, Next 90 Days, Overdue, Completed Services. or create a new PPM schedule by clicking on PPM Scheduler. You also have the option to import or export your asset data or create a new asset using the buttons provided.

Within the grid headers, you can filter based on keywords across all headings, including filtering based on the date range for Next Service.

Creating a Job From The Asset Grid

You can also quickly create a new Job directly from the Asset grid by filtering on the specific Client Name and Location and if there are active service records there will be a box just to the left of the Asset Name. Tick the box which will activate the Create Job button. Selecting this will take you directly to the New Job menu to create a service job for the chosen Asset(s).

PPM Job Status

The PPM job status column helps you to quickly identify the next service for any given schedule. The PPM Job statuses are:

  • Assign PPM Service to Job – This will display against the next required service for the Asset in question. Assets that fall under this status will also have a tick-box on the left-hand side, beside the Asset name, further highlighting which Asset Service is next due.

  • PPM In Progress – This will display if the Asset Service has been allocated to a job. Assets that fall under this status will also have a link in the Job Number column which can take you directly to the job if required.

  • Upcoming Service – This will display if the Asset Service in question falls under the timeframes selected i.e. 90 days etc but the service in question is not the next available service for this PPM.

Once the Asset Services are carried out the jobs grid will be updated accordingly.

Bulk Edit PPM Schedules & Auto Job Creation

You can bulk update the PPM schedule for all assets and if you have not done so already you can put a PPM Schedule on auto job creation

This gives much better visibility of your Active PPM Schedules, Schedules Ending soon, etc. It is also enables much faster management and updating of your PPM Schedules.

Once you have selected the assets associated with your planned maintenance schedule, you can opt to automatically generate unassigned jobs to carry out these asset services, by clicking on the highlighted section below.

  • Job Name – This is the name of the job as it will be displayed on the Jobs list of your mobile team member.

  • Categories – One or more categories can be selected when a job is created by selecting the required categories from the dropdown menu. To add an additional category, click on the plus symbol beside Categories, enter the name of the new Category to the side menu and press save. The Category is now available for selection. Categories are a filterable option on all job grids.

  • Client Contact – Here you can select the Client Contact associated with the job by clicking on the drop-down menu available and selecting the Contact in question if they are already on Klipboard, edit the Client Contact information by clicking on the Pen icon or add a new Client Contact by clicking on the + icon and entering the required details to the side menu.

  • Job Notes – This is where you can leave any important job notes for the field team member. These can be up to 4000 characters which is the equivalent of an A4 page. You can create a standardised template that is used as a basis when a new job is created by clicking on Setup Template. Job notes can also be displayed on the PDF output of your Workflow Forms.

  • Client Purchase Order Number – Here you can add your Client Purchase Order number so it is associated with the job in question. Please be aware that this is not affiliated with Purchase Orders created in the Accounting section of Klipboard.

  • Auto create Job in advance of PPM due date – Here you can sit how far in advance you wish your jobs to be created, i.e. if you want your job is to be created a fortnight before they are sent service is due then enter 14 days in the box provided.

  • Client Contract Agreement – If you have Contracts set up on Klipboard you can associate the job in question with a Contract by selecting the required Contract from the drop-down menu.

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