Clients typically have multiple site locations where work will be scheduled to take place. Sub Location functionality enables you to add these physical locations which can then be selected as the Job location, ensuring the engineer visits the correct place.

To add a Client Sub Location:

  • Navigate to Clients & Suppliers.

  • Click on the View button beside the Client account you wish to add a Sub Location too.

  • Select the Locations tab.

  • You can add Sub Locations individually or bulk upload multiple locations via the Import Client Location Data option.

  • To add a single record, select Create New Location and complete the location site details. Select Update to save.

,To select a Client Sub Location when creating a Job simply select the specific site from the Location dropdown option. Please be aware Client Sub Locations can also be added from here by clicking on the plus icon beside the job location:

Another way to add locations is by syncing Klipboard with your account package, for more information please see below:

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