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Payment and tax templates for use when creating quotes and invoices

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You can set up payment and tax templates for use when creating quotes and invoices delivered through Klipboard. 

To edit or delete existing template values, select the edit or delete options. To add a new option, select add new template and type in your chosen values.

You can also update the Default Invoice Net and Default Tax values by selecting the drop-down option which will give you the choice to select an existing value you have set.

Once you have made your updates, select save.

Payments & Taxes if Connected to Xero

Upon integration with Xero, all Tax Rates and Account Codes in Xero will be imported into Klipboard. Any changes required must be made to Tax Rates or Account Codes in Xero and these will sync to Klipboard.

Team Members with Web Dashboard access can set Default Revenue & Expense Account Codes by navigating to Settings > Payments & Taxes.

Selecting Account Codes On Your Line Items

When creating an Invoice or Purchase Order, you can select the required Expense or Revenue Account Codes associated with each individual line item by selecting an option from the Tax (%) dropdown list. If a different code is selected the % rate will also change to reflect the rate of the new selection.

Once the Invoice or Purchase Order is saved, it will sync the required information to Xero.

Updating Account Codes on Xero

For Account codes to sync with Klipboard, the codes in question MUST be updated on Xero. For any Account Codes that you wish to sync to Klipboard, you must first go to Xero and on the Edit Account Details screen ensure that the 'Show in Expense Claims' option is ticked, otherwise, it will not sync.

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