Jobs are used for managing the completion of any upcoming planned servicing of Assets. Jobs can be created from Quotes, Clients, Assets, the Klipboard mobile app, the Jobs grid or the Quick Create button on the top left of your screen.

Enter the Job details as normal i.e. Name, Client, Location, Field Team Member and when presented with the Asset Management tab you will be presented with two options:

  • "Planned Preventative Maintenance" will show you assets due servicing for that client location. For information on creating jobs for Planned Preventative Maintenance please read the following article here

  • Or "Reactive Maintenance" will show you all assets at that client location upon which you can search and choose the appropriate asset/s for Reactive Maintenance.

Reactive Maintenance

The Reactive Maintenance tab shows you all assets at that Client location upon which you can search and choose the appropriate Asset(s) for Reactive Maintenance.

Reactive maintenance can be carried out on all assets associated with the Client.

  • Asset Name – The name given to the Asset.

  • Serial number – Serial number associated with the Asset.

  • Asset location – Location associated with the Asset.

  • Client Asset number – The Client Asset Number associated with the Asset in question.

  • Last Planned Service – The date of the last planned service carried out on the Asset.

  • Next Planned Service – The date of the next planned service for the Asset.

  • Last Reactive Service – The date the last reactive service was carried out on the Asset.

Once you have selected the Asset(s) that require reactive maintenance, the field team member who receives the job on the app will be sent a service record detailing the asset/s requiring reactive maintenance and they will complete the service record associated.

This service record will be stored against the Asset's history in "Service Records" along with any PPM Service Records. However, it will clearly state it as Reactive Maintenance for reporting purposes and will not affect the PPM Schedule of the chosen asset.

Once you selected all the applicable elements for the job at hand, you can click on Save & Finish button and the job will be saved to Assigned Jobs 😁

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