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Depending on permission settings, the Client Portal offers your clients the ability to view their Jobs, Quotes, Assets, Documents and Invoices that you create for them on Klipboard. In addition, they can create new Work Requests, therefore notifying you of any quotes or jobs required.

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Set Up Client Portal Access For Your Clients

Work Request Notifications

Personalising your Client Portal

Portal Users

Set Up Client Portal Access For Your Clients

Navigate to Settings > Client Portal.

When creating your unique Portal URL that you can embed on your website or share with your clients, please enter your preferred URL name after

For example -

Please do not include any spaces or special characters in your URL. Once you have created your Portal URL, it cannot be changed, therefore please ensure it is correct before confirmation.

Work Request Notifications

Once your Client Portal URL is set you can then select the Team Members that require Work Request email notifications, therefore, alerting them to any new requests that are created by your Clients.

By clicking on the Work Request Email Notifications section, you will be able to select from a list of your existing team members. Simply select a team member or multiple team members, that you want to receive Work Requests email notifications as required.

Personalising your Client Portal

You can personalise your Client Portal by uploading your company logo to add branding. This logo will appear on the Client Portal and will be visible to all your clients when they log in.

You can also upload a company-branded wallpaper to appear on your Client Portal login screen.

Example below:

This wallpaper will be visible to all your clients when they are logging in to the Client Portal. The wallpaper could be a company advert, promotional material, images or just your logo, whatever you desire.

Once all of the above has been completed, simple press "Save" to confirm your Client Portal setup and personalisation.

Portal Users

The Portal Users tab lets you see all Client Portal logins that have been created on your account.

From here you can resend invites to the email addresses used when creating client portal logins by pressing the Action button beside the login in question. By clicking on the Export User Report button at the right of the screen, you can export the list of Client Portal logins to an excel file.

Next, set up your clients that require access:

The following article details how you set up your clients that need to access the portal.

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