How Your Client Views Quotes In The Client Portal
See How Your Client Can View, Accept or Decline Quotes & Export Quote Data on The Client Portal
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Depending on the permissions granted, your client may have the option to view the Quotes you hold for them on Klipboard by viewing them through your Client Portal.

For more information on setting up Client Portal Permissions click Here.

Quotes Dashboard

The Client Portal Quotes dashboard will display the number of quotes you have issued to a specific client. Quote statuses are Pending Approval and Accepted along with the value of the Quotes by status.

On the Quotes page your client:

  • Will only be able to view Quotes that have been sent to them. They are displayed by status of Pending Approval or Accepted by them

  • Can Accept or Decline Quotes in Pending Approval status, or download the Quote PDF

  • Can search by Location Name or Quote Number using the search bar provided.

  • Can filter and search columns by clicking on the icon (3 horizontal bars) beside the column name.

  • Can export the current view as a spreadsheet by clicking on the Export Quote Report button.

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