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View, Create or Edit An Asset On The Mobile App
View, Create or Edit An Asset On The Mobile App

How To View, Create or Edit An Asset or An Asset Register On The Mobile App

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The Klipboard mobile app provides the ability to create or edit details of assets at that client location.

Team Members can quickly record details of each item including any serial numbers, manufacturers, product codes, equipment details as well as a range of other useful details when creating an asset on the mobile app.

Once the Team Member has created the asset, the captured asset data will be synced back and stored against the chosen customer's asset register on the web dashboard.

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View, Create or Edit Client Assets Within A Job

Team Members can view, create or edit assets by tapping the Assets At Location button within a job as highlighted below:

Scanning QR Code Tag or Searching to View & Edit Assets

Tapping on 'Assets At Location', Team Members will be directed to the Assets screen. All Clients Assets that are associated with this location will be displayed.

Team Members can use the search bar provided to search for specific Asset details such as Asset Name, Serial Number & Location and also change the way the assets are displayed to include thumbnail images of each Asset if available.

Jobs that have been created on the Mobile App may not have immediate access to the assets already registered for that client location, but they will have the option to Sync Assets. Much like the Sync Jobs button on the Mobile App Dashboard, the Sync Assets button lets the Team Members sync Asset information to their device, providing they have a data connection.

Accessing Client Assets Within A Job

Find Asset Details by Search

Find Asset Details by Scanning Asset QR Tag

Team Members can download Asset Information to their device by tapping on the download icon or if the QR code tag is scanned the details will be automatically downloaded.

Edit Asset Details

To edit the details for an asset tap on 'Edit' and the asset fields will become editable. Perform the required edits to the asset information and once completed press Save and then press Save & Sync so as the asset details are updated on the web dashboard.

Please Note: It is recommended that Team Members who know they are going to be working offline or in areas with limited / no data coverage, sync their devices and download required Assets, Workflow Forms, Documents, etc, prior to going to the job.

Create An Asset

If the Team Member needs to create a new Asset, they can do so by tapping the 'Add Asset' button located at the bottom of the screen.

From here they can add the required information relating to the new Asset (the asset fields displayed will be as configured in the Asset Field settings on the Web Dashboard).

Once the Team Member adds the relevant asset information and taps the 'Update' button at the bottom, the asset is synced to the asset register for that client on the web dashboard and will also be available on the app.

QR Code Tagging

Klipboard will automatically generate a unique QR code for any asset created within Klipboard. To learn more about how to tag your client's assets or scan existing assets, choose from one of the following:

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