How to Replace or Associate or Print a new QR code tag for an asset
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If the QR code tag on an Asset is damaged or removed or you wish to associate the asset with an existing tag or print the QR Code tag for an asset, you can do so while maintaining the Asset's details and history.

First, you'll need to open the Asset details in the Klipboard mobile app. Normally the easiest way to do this is to scan the Asset QR code, but if the tag has been damaged or removed that might not be possible. Instead you can search for the relevant asset by name or serial number within the job as a list of assets are shown for that client location.

Select the Asset from the list to view the details and tap on 'Edit'

If you have a pre-printed QR code tag

Tap on Add / Edit QR which will open the QR scanner. Simply scan the new QR tag and then press Save & Sync. The QR tag you have scanned will now be associated with that asset and you can now apply the new new QR tag to the Asset.

If you don't have a pre-printed tag

Tap on Generate QR which will generate a new QR code for the asset then press Save & Sync.

You can tap on Show / Print QR Code Tag which will open the QR code and simple tap on the share icon which will then allow you to send it to a printing device.

Please note that this feature cannot be used to move QR codes from one Asset to a different Asset. You must use a QR Code that has not been previously associated with any other Assets.

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