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Create or Edit Quotes On The Mobile App
Create or Edit Quotes On The Mobile App

Viewing, Searching & Creating Quotes On The Klipboard Mobile App.

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You can give individual team members permission to access Quotes on the Klipboard mobile app, enabling them to view, create and edit quotes on the go!

Once a quote has been created on the mobile app, your team members will have the option to email the Quote to the Client, or instantly convert a quote to a Job, all on the mobile app.

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Will all my team members have access to Quotes on the app?

If you are on our Klipboard Professional Subscription, which includes Quotes, Invoices and Purchase Orders then you will be able to avail of the Quotes feature on the mobile app.

However by default, the permission to access this feature on the mobile app is set to No, therefore you can control which team members have access to Quotes on the mobile app.

How do I give Quotes access permission to a team member on the app?

To grant your team members permission to access Quotes on the mobile app from the settings menu:

  • Click on Manage Team.

  • Select the team member in question and click on the edit button.

  • Navigate to the Access Settings tab.

  • Switch the Allow Team Member To Create & View Quotes on Mobile App toggle to yes.

How to create a Quote on the mobile app

To create a quote on the Klipboard mobile app:

  • Select Quotes from the Klipboard mobile app side menu.

  • Tap the add Sync button to ensure your quotes are up-to-date.

  • Tap the Add Quote button at the bottom of the screen.

  • From the Client Name drop-down, select the name of the client you wish to raise a quote for.

  • Select the Service Address, which is an address associated with the client selected, where any quoted works are to be carried out.

  • Select the Billing Address, which is an address associated with the client selected, that will be invoiced for any work carried out.

  • Enter a subject for your quote.

  • Select the required disclaimer for your quote. For more information on creating Disclaimers, please click here.

  • Enter any % discount or deposit required if applicable.

Now that the general information associated with the Quote has been added, you can now add your Products & Services to your quote.

Adding Inventory Products & Services To A Quote On The Mobile App

To add Products or Services to your quote from your inventory on the mobile app, you can do so by pressing the Add New Item button at the bottom of the screen.

You will be presented with the option of selecting the Product from your inventory by pressing the arrow icon to the right > and selecting the applicable product or service.

By tapping on Inventory Product/Inventory Service, you can search for relevant products or services, by entering the name or Product/Service code of the item in question in the search box provided. Alternatively, you can add a new item by tapping the Add button.

Adding Non-Inventory Products & Services To A Quote On The Mobile App

If the product or service required is not part of your current inventory, team members can manually input the information by pressing on the relevant section for:

  • Enter Product Name (tap to type, do not press on the arrow to the right).

  • Enter Product Code.

  • Enter Description.

  • Enter Purchase Unit Cost & Quantity.

Once you have all of your required products and services attached to your quote, press the save button at the bottom of the screen. You will then be presented with the options below:

Email Quote

If you choose to tap on the Email Quote button, you will be presented with a popup displaying the following information:

  • The Clients Email – This is the email address associated with the client in the Clients & Suppliers section. This email address can be edited on the app if required, or additional email addresses can be entered if they are comma-separated e.g,

  • The Quote Subject – As entered when creating the quote.

  • Message – A standard message that is sent to the email address above based on a predefined template in your settings area which can be found here. This message can be edited on the app prior to sending if required.

  • Send me a copy – You can elect to send a copy of the quote to your email address as well as the client's email address.

Once you are satisfied that all of the required information above suits your needs, tap on the Email Quote button to send.

Convert Quote to Job

If you want to convert the Quote straight to a job you can do so by tapping the Convert to Job button, as per below:

When you click on the create new job the new jobs screen will appear. As you can see from the image above, the client and location have been pulled in from the quote and do not need to be entered, however, they can be updated if required.

  • Sync Button – Tap on the sync button to ensure that your Job Categories, Workflow Forms, Clients and Locations are up-to-date prior to creating the job.

  • Enter Job Name – This will be used for display on the job and all corresponding documentation such as Workflow Forms, etc.

  • Enter Category – The Category associated with the job.

  • Select a Workflow Form –The mandatory Workflow form required for the Job. If needed, additional Workflow forms can be added to the Job once created.

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