When you create invoices on Klipboard connect your account to Quickbooks. Once you have completed this it will then automatically sync across the invoice from Klipboard upon creation of that invoice to Quickbooks.

However, for edits between both systems, the sync process from Quickbooks back to Klipboard is not automatic. To update Klipboard with any edits made on Quickbooks you need to do a manual sync. For invoice status updates, such as an Invoice being marked as Paid, or Voided, you must click on the "Sync with Quickbooks" button located on the Quickbooks Integration page on Klipboard.

The sync process will then begin and check for updates on Quickbooks and update Klipboard accordingly. Whilst the sync process is in progress do navigate away from the page.

We advise doing this periodically to ensure both systems are in sync with each other.

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