This is a list view of all the Team Members that have been setup within Klipboard. You can manage all your Team Member's details, reject any upcoming Jobs for the Team Member and to manage a Team Member's status. 

Edit a Team Member

To update a Team Member's details, simply click on Edit and a range of options are available such as Password Update, Access Permissions, etc.

Reset Jobs

You also have the ability to Reset Jobs for a Team Member. This will remove any Jobs that may have been synced to that Team Member's Klipboard mobile app and offer the option to assign to another Team Member instead.

Change a Team Member's status

A Team Member can be Active (meaning they have access to Klipboard) or Disabled (meaning they do not have access to Klipboard).

  • Click on the tick icon within the Active column to make active or inactive

Your subscription plan will allocate you a number of active team members (i.e. licenses) permitted through your Klipboard account. You can manage your Team Members' active status by activating or disabling their status' according to your needs.

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