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Downloading & Logging In To The Klipboard App.

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Klipboard is available to download on both iOS & Android devices, giving full mobility within any field team. Whether field team members use a company device or their own, the Klipboard iOS & Android apps allow for your field team to have everything they need to complete jobs in the field.

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Download the Klipboard App

Klipboard is accessible on both iOS and Android devices, providing full mobility for field teams. Whether your field team members use company-issued devices or their own, the Klipboard iOS and Android apps offer a comprehensive solution, ensuring that your field team has all the necessary tools to efficiently complete jobs in the field.

This cross-platform availability enhances flexibility and accessibility, supporting seamless integration into various device preferences within your field team.

Apple Devices

Android Devices

Create A Team Member Login to the Klipboard App

When creating team members on the Web Dashboard, you have the flexibility to grant access to the Klipboard mobile app and define specific access permissions for each team member.

This feature allows you to customize and tailor access levels based on individual roles and responsibilities within your team. By setting precise access permissions, you can ensure that team members have the appropriate level of access to Klipboard's features, aligning with their specific roles and contributing to a more efficient and secure workflow.

When a team member logs into the Klipboard web dashboard, a security token is assigned to their login for validation and verification purposes. This token is specific to the individual login session and is associated with the desktop device they are using. It remains active throughout that particular session and is utilized for authentication during the session. When a team member logs out, the session is terminated, and a new security token is allocated only when they log in again.

It's important to note that a Klipboard team member account can only be active on one desktop device per session. Simultaneous logins on multiple desktop devices with the same account details are not permitted.

For more information on creating Team Members on the Web Dashboard please click here.

Team Member App Sync Settings

On the Klipboard iOS or Android Mobile/Tablet app, you can set the number of days in advance that a team member will receive scheduled jobs to their calendar. This feature allows you to manage the synchronization period, providing the flexibility to reassign future jobs to other team members if necessary.

By adjusting the sync period, you can optimize job distribution and allocation within your team, ensuring efficient scheduling and resource management on the Klipboard platform.

For more information on how to set the Team Member App Sync Settings on the Web Dashboard please click here.

Confirm Account Login

When a new Team Member is added to Klipboard, the Team member in question will receive an email notification to the email address associated with their login, asking them to confirm their account:

The Team Member then has to create a password to access Klipboard. A suitable password needs to be 8-16 characters long, and contain capital and lowercase letters, a number and a symbol or else it will not be accepted.

NB. Team Members with access to the Klipboard Web Dashboard use the same login details for the mobile app, provided they have permission to access the mobile app.

Optional PIN Code Access

Klipboard provides the option for team members to enhance the security of their mobile app by setting a 4-digit PIN code for subsequent access. This feature allows team members to conveniently secure their app, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access the Klipboard app on their mobile devices.

The PIN code can be easily configured from the settings area, providing an additional layer of protection to maintain the confidentiality of the information and tasks managed within the Klipboard app.

For more information on the Mobile App Pin click here.

Forgot Password / PIN Code

If a Team Member forgets their password or pin code, these can be reset using the Forgot Password or Forgot Pin Number links at the bottom of the mobile app login screens.

Alternatively, passwords can be reset from the Web Dashboard. For more information on resetting passwords from the Web Dashboard, click here.

App Access Security

Team Members accessing the mobile app have 5 attempts to enter the correct login details. They are notified of how many remaining attempts they have before they are locked out. After 5 failed attempts to enter the correct details, their account is disabled as a security precaution.

To enable access to their account again, the Team Member will need to access the Web Dashboard (or ask a colleague with access to the Web Dashboard) to enable their account again. To see how to enable a Team Member's account again please click here.

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