Confirm or Add Products or Services (Parts, Stock, Labour etc) Used On A Job Via The Mobile App

How to confirm or add products or services for a job on the mobile app

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A job that has been created and assigned to a team member will sync to their mobile device when a sync is activated by the team member in the field. A scheduled job will sync to the mobile app if it is within the number of days for the job sync setting parameters set against that team member. For more information on sync settings, click here.

When team members log into the mobile app, it is advised that they routinely sync by pressing the "Sync Jobs, Tap to Update" button. This ensures that any changes made by the web dashboard team members prior to the sync will update on the app. Once updated, a timestamp will show the last date and time that the device was synced.

Sync Job On Mobile App Dashboard

Viewing and Confirming Products & Services Allocated On A Job

The team member should start their job as per the usual process by selecting the appropriate job on their schedule. Within the selected job, the job overview will display the number of Products & Services allocated to that specific job.

Press the Products & Services allocated button to show an overview of all Products & Services allocated.

Each product & service allocated will display the names, descriptions, quantities allocated & quantity used once confirmed. Select the product or service to view the details and to confirm the quantity used.

As well as confirming the quantity used, you can also confirm which Stock Location the allocated product has been taken from. For more information on setting up Stock Locations on your Klipboard account please click Here.

Once the location and required quantity allocated is confirmed, a green tick will appear beside the product or service you to indicate this.

Adding Inventory Products & Services To A Job On The Mobile App

If your team members need to add further products or services to the job, from your inventory on the mobile app, they can by pressing the Add New Item button at the bottom of the Products & Services overview page.

They will be presented with the option of selecting the Product from your inventory by pressing the arrow icon to the right ">".

Here Team Members can search for, or add, the relevant Product or Service as required.

Adding Non-Inventory Products & Services To A Job On The Mobile App

If the product or service they require is not part of your existing inventory, the team member can manually input the information by pressing on the relevant section for:

  • Enter Product Name (press to type, do not press on the arrow far right)

  • Enter Product Code

  • Enter Description

  • Enter Purchase Unit Cost & Quantity

Confirmation and Sync of Products & Services On A Job

Once all of the allocated Products & Services have been confirmed and synced, the allocation amount will be removed from the app dashboard as per below:

Inventory stock level updates will happen in real-time therefore your Klipboard web dashboard account will be updated to display accordingly.

The team member should continue to complete any remaining aspects of the job and once ready press the Complete Job button to finish. For more information on completing a job on the mobile app please click Here.

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