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Let's end October with the last update of this month.

Assign Profile Groups to your new users when inviting them to Kontentino! 👩‍💻

Are you inviting a user to Kontentino that will collaborate with you only on projects for Client X?

Create a Profile Group containing all the profiles belonging to this specific client and then easily assign the group to the new user during the invitation process.

Like that, you will be sure you're giving your users access to the right social media profiles and have your workflow processes much better organized! 👌🏻

Do you want to learn more about Profile Groups?

Read our article or watch a video tutorial!

Believe me, having your clients/projects nicely organized in Profile Groups will make your life so much easier! 🤩

🚀 What else Kontentino Made for You lately?

23. 10. 2020 / Drag & Drop Instagram posts in the Grid view and switch their scheduling time!

16. 10. 2020 / Pinterest posts now support links.

See the post's copy and link in its preview mode.

02. 10. 2020 / Publish Facebook posts that were planned in the past right away with the "Publish now" button.

25. 09. 2020 / Blank profiles! Add social media profiles manually without connecting your account.

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