Hello friends,

Did you know that we launched 70 new features and small delights in 2020? 🚀

The most in the whole history of Kontentino! We're constantly listening to your feedback and working hard on making your social media management just flawless.

Here's the recap of the most valuable features of 2020. Learn how they can help you with your everyday tasks and make your life easier! 👇

1. Instagram Grid

Drag & Drop Instagram posts in the Grid view and switch their scheduling time.

What are the main pros of this update?

📅 Frictionless planning and scheduling.

✏️ More flexibility for creating the right look for your profile.

👁️ See how exactly your Instagram feed is going to look like.

2. Time savers

We created for you a "magic" blue button called Time savers! Did you know that it allows you to duplicate multiple posts at once, send multiple posts for approval to numerous recipients and many other great things?

You can find the Time savers button in Calendar right next to your content plans. When you click on it, various options will appear. Let's discover them and save your precious time!

3. Hashtag presets

Save your most commonly used #️⃣ s and insert them to the post copy just with one click.

You can save as many presets as you wish for all types of social media profiles. Also, this feature is not limited solely for hashtags! You can save @tags for Instagram and Twitter accounts or have a preset containing any type of text. It's totally up to you how you wish to use it.

Hashtag Presets can be found in the bottom right corner of the Post Text box.

4. Workflow

Our biggest update ever! We thought it would be amazing to open Kontentino and see everything important at the first glimpse. That's why we created a place for more transparent collaboration and posts creation processes.

What are the biggest benefits of Workflow?

📅 Drag & Drop planning: Change the statuses of your posts simply by drag and dropping them to the specific column of your workflow process. The whole posts creation process can now be done from a single view!

👁️ More transparent workflow processes: See from the first glimpse which posts are waiting for approval, which are planned for today, assigned to you and much more.

👩‍💻 Tasks management: See who's working on what and when. Also, you can delegate tasks easily by drag&dropping your posts to the Assigned column.

Customizable workflow process: Customize your Workflow based on your individual collaboration processes. Click on the 'Columns' button and select those you would like to see in your dashboard. You can also filter your content thanks to 'Filter' and 'Sort' button.

5. Post Ideas section and dateless posts.

Do you simply want to create Drafts and set up their scheduling time later?

Create a post without a scheduling date. Simply click on "Clear date" button in your post creation modal. The dateless post will appear in the "Post Ideas" section on the left side of your Calendar. Schedule it whenever you're ready or Drag&Drop it easily to a specific date in the Calendar.

Our tip: Dateless posts can be used as template/recurring posts that you are able to simply Drag&Drop to various dates in the Calendar. To do so, you simply need to hold CMD/CTRL on your keyboard when dragging the post. It will duplicate the post, so one will stay as dateless in the Post Idea section and the other one will be dropped in the date you selected.

Did you miss our 🎄 Webinar? Don't worry, you can find the recording here.

We summed up 2020 and discussed all the great things coming already at the beginning of 2021.

Thank you all for being with us this crazy year. We wish you a joyous, healthy Holiday season and all the best for the New Year. 💙

See you in 2021 with a great number of new releases! That's something to be really looking forward to!

Hint hint: Community management and paid ads planner are on their way. 😉

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