You can connect your account to your DATEV account via an API from our partner Solarisbank.

  1. Register at with your e-mail address and your mobile phone number.

  2. Please enter the temporary password sent to your e-mail address and then choose your own password.

  3. Enter your Kontist IBAN and the mobile phone number you have registered with Kontist. Then confirm the details with a TAN sent to you.

  4. Solarisbank will then transfer EUR 0.00 to your account. You will find a security code in the transaction details.

  5. By entering the security code, you have successfully registered your Kontist account and can enter and connect your account with DATEV.

If you only want to import your account activities into DATEV instead, you can download a file with your transactions in the app.

To do this, go to the app settings and click on "Documents". There you will find the MT940 export. Download the file or send it to yourself by email and save it unopened on your laptop or PC. You can send this file to Datev and upload it.

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