How can I keep track of my receipts?

Now at Kontist, there are so many possible solutions to help you manage your business receipts. With Kontist, you can easily digitise your receipts and invoices directly on the Kontist app or on your computer and manage them in real time - even on the go. How do you upload them? That's entirely up to you.

Here are the different ways you could share your receipts and invoices with us:

  1. Email Forwarding:

    If you receive invoices and receipts via e-mail, simply forward the emails with the attachment to With Email Forwarding, it is possible to send multiple invoices and receipts in one e-mail. With our intelligent OCR text recognition, your receipts are automatically matched to its corresponding transactions. If the match is successful, you will receive a push notification. Accepted file types are PDF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIFF.

    Better yet, create an email folder where you collect all your digital invoices and receipts. Then set up an automatic forwarding in your email settings that takes effect if the email has an attachment and the subject contains "Invoice" or "Receipt." This means you will not need to do anything to get your invoices and receipts to us!

    Read more about Email Forwarding here.

  2. Bulk Drag & Drop

    Dealing with multiple invoice and receipts in your files or photo gallery? Just drag and drop all files in one go. We’ll do the rest to match it to your transactions! This feature is available on both the mobile and web app.

    Note that Drag & Drop must only be used for transactions made through your Kontist account. Receipts for transactions made outside Kontist must not be uploaded via Drag & Drop. For long-term customers, Google Drive will no longer function as a viable submission portal for non-Kontist account transactions.

  3. Manual Receipt Matching

    If your receipts could not be matched automatically via OCT text recognition, you will have the opportunity to match them manually in the web app. No need to go through each transaction with no invoice or receipt one by one!

  4. Share via the mobile app

    With one click, you can also share your receipts directly with the Kontist app and assign them to a transaction.

  5. Direct upload on the web app or with the Kontist mobile app:

    On the web app: On the Kontist web app, select the transaction to which you want to assign the receipt and click the plus sign (+) under "Receipt."

    With the Kontist mobile app: Select the transaction to which you want to assign the receipt and click on the plus sign (+) under "Receipt." Now you can take a photo of the receipt with your smartphone or select a photo/PDF and upload it.

Digital Receipt Management FAQs: What you should know

How can I download the receipts I've uploaded?

Any receipt or invoice that you have uploaded to the app can be downloaded by:

  1. Selecting the transaction you'd like to download

  2. Clicking on the photo or file of the receipt

  3. Clicking the share icon on the upper right corner of your screen.

  4. Saving it to your files or gallery.

How do I know which transactions still do not have receipts attached?

It's simple! On the mobile app, click on the magnifying glass 🔍 icon on the upper right hand corner of the screen and select the filter, "Missing receipts." That will automatically show all transactions that are still missing an invoice or receipt.

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