You’ll start on £9-£12 per hour (including holiday pay) depending on your childcare experience.

🌱 Standard Experience - starts on £9-10.65 per hour, depending on your age (including holiday pay). You’ll need to have had informal childcare experience or had professional roles that lasted less than one year.

🌿 Parental Experience - starts on £10.80 per hour (including holiday pay). You need to have at least 3 years experience of raising your own family.

🌳 Professional Experience - starts on £10.80-12 per hour, depending on experience and role (including holiday pay). You need to have at least 1 year experience as a nanny or in a professional childcare setting.

You can use this calculator to figure out what starting rate you would be on (you’ll need to provide us with references to validate this experience before we agree your pay)

Find out more about the types of experience we’re looking for and the references you’ll need to provide.

Pay rises over time

Don’t worry if you are not eligible for a higher starting rate as you’ll still be able to earn more the longer you work with Koru Kids.

You’ll get an extra 50p per hour after 6 months of working with us and a further 50p per hour after 12 months if your feedback from families is good.

Guaranteed hours

We don’t allow zero hour contracts. We know families need different amounts of childcare and we try to support this as much as possible but we balance this with making sure our nannies can rely on their income.

When you agree to work with a family they’ll need to commit to paying you for a minimum number of hours, usually 9, during term time, providing you are available and willing to work. This will be averaged over the month to allow some flexibility for schedules to change. More about how this works can be found here.

Promotional rates

The rates on this page are the standard rates most nannies are on. Sometimes a different rate from these is given to a nanny under promotional circumstances. If you have been told a different rate as part of signup or by the Koru Kids team that will be accurate.

Employed by a family, but paid by Koru Kids

You will become an employee of the family (not self-employed). This means you are entitled to:

We make sure everything is above board: we set up the contract, and handle the monthly payroll and other legal obligations. To make sure you're being paid the right amount and on time, here are some things to be aware of:

  • You will be paid by Koru Kids via bank transfer each month

  • You'll need to submit your hours to Koru Kids via our Koru Kids App or on your dashboard

  • Get any expenses pre-approved by the parents and keep the receipts so you can claim them back

For more information, check out the 'Payroll and Contracts' section in the Help Centre.

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