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There’s no maximum. Nannies’ schedules differ — some can work all five afternoons each week, others less. 

We ask that parents offer their nanny at least 9 hours of work per week as a minimum. If you need a nanny for less than 9 hours per week, you can agree to pay a higher rate.

If your nanny ends up working fewer hours than the minimum, we will round up the invoice at the end of the month. More information on how this works can be found here.

Why do we have this minimum?

  • To balance our families’ fluctuating childcare needs with our nannies’ need for a consistent income

  • To ensure the job is sustainable for our nannies and they receive a guaranteed salary

  • To cover our set up and ongoing costs

If your nanny can’t work for 9 hours a week during term time, please let us know and we’ll adjust your invoice accordingly.

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