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How much does it cost?

Information about what it costs to employ a nanny with Koru Kids and how we'll support you with finding and paying your nanny

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This article has been written for the Koru Kids Nanny Service for families.

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We do simple pricing, starting at £15.75 per hour in London and £14.75 per hour outside of London. The rates you see on our nanny profiles are all-inclusive and cover tax, admin fees and any other extras as well as your nanny's wages. We make sure your nanny’s employment is above board with no admin hassle on you.

If you share your nanny with another family, they will cost £10.00 - £10.98 per hour (per family) for shared shifts, depending on the nanny's level of experience. You can read more about nanny share info here.

Choose a nanny to meet your needs

Families need different things from their nanny. Maybe you want someone fun and active, or a super smart student, or someone with years of professional experience. Our pricing reflects this. Our nannies all have great childcare experience, but some nannies have higher rates which allows us to attract even more experienced nannies and pay them more.

We’re more than just a nanny agency

We've built our service so that even if you've never hired a nanny before we guide you through it and take the hassle away.

Here's where your money goes:

Vetting & selecting

You can browse our nannies for free on our custom-built matching platform.

We have a team of nanny assessors who vet all the nannies before you see them. They check ID, right to work, validate their childcare experience with references and provide top-up training.

Employer obligations

We do things properly and will set you up as your nanny’s employer - which is legally required for regular nanny work. We draw up your contract and, if required, set you up with HMRC and administer tax deductions. With your first nanny, you pay a £129 non-refundable employer setup fee towards this cost. You only ever pay this once.

We also administer National Insurance contributions, maternity pay, sick pay and your nanny's pension scheme. We pay any NI or pension contributions on your behalf. This is included in your hourly rate so there are no surprises.

Setting you up for success

Our service doesn’t end when you’ve chosen your nanny. We run an enhanced DBS check and offer paediatric First Aid training once you’ve selected your nanny. Our customer support and nanny support teams will always be on hand when you need to talk to a real person and get advice. Plus our app will help you onboard your nanny, provide regular feedback and manage their monthly pay.

Your nanny will get a whole package of support.

  • Access to the best activity bank we think you’ll have seen

  • Recipe ideas for cooking with kids

  • A private Koru Kids nanny community group for support and mentoring

  • 1:1 coaching sessions with our nanny support team if needed

What if I only need a few hours each week?

We know families need different amounts of childcare and we try to support this as much as possible. We balance this with making sure our nannies can rely on their income, which helps us recruit great nannies who maintain their commitment to the role.

We don’t allow our nannies to have zero hour contracts so when you hire your nanny you’ll need to commit to a number of regular hours. Our standard contracts are for 9 hours per week during term-time, but if you need fewer hours than this we can still help.

If you hire your nanny for less than 9 hours a week during term-time, you’ll pay an additional £1 an hour and you’ll still need to offer at least 3 hours per week. The hourly increment allows us to offer you the same level of service and support despite only needing a few hours.

Our contracts are for term-time only, so if you have other plans during the school holidays that's no problem. Equally, if you would like your nanny to work and they are available, they can just report their hours as normal.

Minimum hours will automatically be waived during school holidays and bank holidays, and anytime your nanny logs leave on their timesheet due to illness or other lack of availability.

If you your nanny works fewer than the hours you’ve agreed in your contract at your request, we'll top of your invoice to meet the agreed weekly minimum across the month.

If your circumstances change you can agree with your nanny to reduce their hours.

Details on how this works can be found here.

Can I hire a nanny for just a few weeks?

We can still help. You’ll need to offer at least 20 hours in total across the contract, and an enhanced DBS check is optional on short-term contracts at an additional cost of £50.00.

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