How does holiday pay for nannies work?

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Firstly, no need to worry. The cost of any holiday pay is already taken into account in the one hourly, all-inclusive rate you pay to Koru Kids - you won’t need to pay anything extra.

The way it works is as follows:

By law, as the nanny’s employer, you need to provide paid annual leave. A full-time nanny would receive statutory 28 days (5.6 weeks) of paid leave (inclusive of bank holidays). Since your nanny will be working a few hours each day, it's easiest to calculate holiday pay by the hour.

A simple way to think about this is that your nanny will earn 12.07% of paid leave for every hour worked (i.e. if a nanny works 10 hours, then they have also earned 1.207 hours of paid leave). This 12.07% is equivalent to 28 days of paid leave for a full-time nanny.

To make it even more simple, we pay out any earned paid leave at the end of each month. This means that you won't need to keep track of how many hours of holiday pay has been earned. It also means that if the nanny takes a holiday, then it will be considered an unpaid holiday.

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