Grab Express

Available Countries: Singapore

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Grab Express provides on-demand delivery with their strong motorbike fleet. They are best for on-demand small item delivery as they utilizes their existing fleet to fulfil their Grab deliveries. Integrate with Grab Express's API via Kosmo and you will get

  1. To retain your existing preferential rates with Grab.

  2. Reach out to Grab customer service directly via the Grabs' portal for live and post order support without a middle man.

  3. Garner both the benefits of (1) and (2), while making full use of Kosmo's capabilities to help you better manage deliveries and gain access to more providers.

To obtain your Grab credentials and integrate via Kosmo, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Contact Grab Express team via the developers form

Step 2: Create a business profile to speed up the process once they reply

Step 3: Once you have obtained the credentials, configure them in Couriers Settings

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