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Introduction to Kosmo
Introduction to Kosmo
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What is Kosmo?

Kosmo provides everything you need to optimize, manage and track local deliveries. We help you to optimize your route and dispatch them to your drivers. You will also be able to send updates to your customers and drivers will be able to capture the proof of delivery via our driver app.

Who is Kosmo for?

Different companies have different delivery requirements and Kosmo is able to cater for all of them. Below are some use cases with our existing customers:

  1. B2C businesses will be able to assign deliveries to 3rd party logistics providers via our network as well as their own drivers. Kosmo allows them to manage their in-house drivers all in one dashboard. It saves them the time to manage multiple delivery platform and provide their customers with a more uniform delivery experience.

  2. Logistic providers who wants to manage their fleet more efficiently. Logistics providers use Kosmo to optimize routes, and manage their drivers. We help them to save cost by reducing the time required for planning as well as reduce the number of drivers needed for the same number of drops. Logistics providers will also be able to assign their orders to external 3rd party providers if they are facing an order surge, and therefore, maintaining good service levels to their customers.

How does Kosmo work?

You can upload orders into Kosmo via API or import them using our excel template.

You can then optimize the routes based on the preset constraints such as maximum order per route, delivery time windows, or assign them manually if you wish.

Your drivers can download our driver app, perform the deliveries and you can track everything on your dashboard as well as provide email / Whatsapp / SMS updates to your customers.

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