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Create and Import orders
Create and Import orders
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You can start to create orders to assign to your fleet by going to Plan Order. You will be able to create order manually or import your orders from both excel or your shopify store.

You can refer to the below articles to learn more about:

Once you have create the draft orders, you will be able to adjust the information on Kosmo if there are any last minute changes. And get ready to assign these orders to your drivers.

Assigning a pick-up location and desired pick-up time to a drop off point

Once the orders are import, you will be able to attach a pick up location or scheduled pickup time if you have not already done so in the excel template.

You will also be able to mass update the information by checking the left check box of each row and defining the pickup location and date/time using the top left dropdown list.

Once your orders are successfully created, you can now either

  1. Assign them to your own drivers / 3PL

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