How do I make a payment?

Paying for instalments once an order is placed.

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Laybuy currently only accepts payments on orders from a debit or credit card which was issued in your country of residence that is loaded on your Laybuy account.

We are not able to accept foreign-issued cards for overseas banks, prepaid cards or bank transfers to settle any payments due on your account.

If the card on your account has expired or has been cancelled for any reason, please log into your Laybuy account and navigate to the Saved Cards section, here you can add a new card or edit the details of an existing card.

Important: When adding a new card, remember to make this your default and swap over all the upcoming payments on your current orders to this new card to ensure your future payments are taken correctly.

Will my payments come out automatically?

  • They sure will! Laybuy sends you a reminder email and a push notification the day before your instalment is due. Keep an eye out for this email and notification.

  • Alternatively, you can always make payments on time or early by selecting the PAY NOW button on the App or online in your account. You can then select the card from the saved cards section and make the payment or add a new card manually.

  • If you have not made a payment through your account before the scheduled payment date, Laybuy automatically takes payment from your designated debit or credit card on the due date.

If your payment fails, or an instalment is missed, Laybuy sends you a notification email to let you know so you can make the payment before a late payment fee is activated. Please note that a late fee may be applied if an instalment is still outstanding after 24 hours.

You can check your scheduled payment dates at any time by logging into your account via the App.

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