How do payments actually work?

The good news, it's ridiculously simple.

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We work around the clock to make your payment experience better. By listening to our customers and processing millions of transactions, we've improved our service to ensure that every interaction with Laybuy is a good one. Here are the basics of how payments work.

Credit or debit, only.

At this time, Laybuy only accepts credit or debit cards as a form of payment. We're always exploring new ways for customers to make payments to Laybuy and will keep you posted on the progress we make. We are not able to accept foreign-issued cards for overseas banks, prepaid cards or bank transfers to settle any payments due on your account.

Automated, every time.

Laybuy automatically deducts the instalments which are due according to your payment schedule when you placed your order. If a payment isn't successful, which can happen if there are insufficient funds available on your funding card, we'll reattempt the payment automatically after 24 hours before a late payment fee is applied.

Paying early? We've got that too.

Wanting to pay off your order sooner? Simply visit the App and navigate to the Orders tab. Here, you can select your order and then choose whether you'd like to pay individual instalments in advance or the whole thing. Paying early never costs anything extra and is a great way to ensure you stay on top of payments.

Need a pause?

Yes, you can do that too. By following the same steps as above, you can Pause payments for 2 weeks to give yourself some more time. This is only available once per order.

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