What is Laybuy Card?

Card makes in store payments a breeze.

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Laybuy Card lets you shop in store using Laybuy to pay later! To access this, you just need to create your Laybuy Card within the app, and add this to your device wallet. When paying in store, you’ll just need to tap your phone as you would a normal debit purchase using your device wallet.

Note that this is not a feature that is offered in all stores. If you’re unsure you can look the retailer up in our Shop Directory and it will tell you if they have tap enabled.

If you want some more information, we've written this article to assist you with paying in store.

Laybuy Card is currently only available at select stores. We are constantly evolving our product and will update all customers on availability everywhere else.

For UK Residents: Laybuy is unregulated credit. Please use responsibly. T&Cs, eligibility criteria & late fees up to £24 per purchase apply.

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