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How can I use Laybuy in store?

Online or offline? It's all the same to us.

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We have made it easier than ever for you to make Laybuy purchases in-store.

Laybuy Card:

This is the quickest and easiest method to purchase in-store.

  1. Navigate to the “In Store” tab of your Laybuy app.

  2. Activate your card, following the prompts to complete the set up.

  3. Add you Laybuy card to your digital wallet.

  4. Present your phone at the payment terminal, ensuring that your Laybuy Card is being used (not another debit card saved in your digital wallet).

  5. Your purchase will be complete!

Push notifications through the app

  1. Ask the cashier if you can pay via Laybuy, and give the staff member your mobile number connected to your Laybuy account.

  2. You’ll get sent a push notification to complete your payment.

  3. Choose your payment date, and select “Pay now”.

Shopping within the app

  1. Take your items to the counter and ask to Pay by Laybuy.

  2. Provide your mobile number to the staff member.

  3. You will instantly receive a test message with a unique link to complete your purchase.

  4. Choose your payment date, view your schedule and select pay now.

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