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Why has my account been assigned to CRS for collection?
Why has my account been assigned to CRS for collection?
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Laybuy works with third parties when payments become severely overdue. We take this step as a last resort and only after repeated requests for payment have not led to a resolution.

In the UK, Laybuy works with Credit Resource Solutions (CRS). You will have received communication from both Laybuy and CRS when the debt was transferred. Contact information for CRS is below.

In some cases, balances have been sold to CRS, and Laybuy is no longer the legal owner; in other cases, balances remain legally owned by Laybuy but all collection activity is being done by CRS on our behalf. But in either case, Laybuy will no longer accept payment, and you should work with CRS to settle your debt.

If you dispute the debt, you will need to raise this with CRS, and they will work with us as necessary to resolve the situation.

When a Laybuy account is passed to a third party, it is also automatically deactivated. As a result, you will no longer be able to make purchases with Laybuy, even when the outstanding debt is settled.

Credit Resource Solutions

01422 324510

This process only affects customers who are using Laybuy in the UK.

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