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Assesslet Response Analysis Reports for Administrators
Assesslet Response Analysis Reports for Administrators

Response Analysis Reports allow administrators to view the distribution of student responses along with any evaluator feedback.

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1. Click on Reports from the left menu.

2. If necessary, select the reporting button for Assesslet Activities.

3. Click the report icon at the district, school, or teacher level. District level reporting is only available for district administrators.

4. Select the Response Analysis Report option and click the Run Report button.

5. Buttons will appear at the top of the report that correspond with the student actions on the activity. This activity has two action types, Student Choice (multiple choice or multi-select actions) and Student Response (constructed or extended response actions). Each action type has a detailed report. This view displays the student choice responses.

  • Student Choice View - This view displays the number of students who chose each answer for any selected-response or multi-select actions (or items), along with the rationales for each answer choice, including distractors.

  • Student Response View - This view displays a snapshot of the scores achieved for any constructed and extended response actions. It provides the total number of students per score point and the associated percentage and bar graph for distribution across score points for each action.

  • Feedback View - This view displays the evaluator feedback assigned for each score point for the written response actions (there are several possible comments per score point), and the number of students who received that specific evaluator feedback.

6. The Open in Tab button allows for a full screen view of the report. Reports can be printed by using the computer browser within this view.

7. The Preview button displays the students view of the activity.

8. The Filters button allows you to filter by demographic, gender, or designation if this information has been marked in the student profiles.

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