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Private & Public Images
Private & Public Images

How to make your images private or public

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How do I keep my generations or custom models private?

Private image generation and custom model is a premium feature that is only available to paid members.

All you have to do is sign up to a paid plan, and then you will immediately see the "Public Images" toggle on the left sidebar of the Image Generation page.

Can I control who can see my generated images?

Absolutely, you have full control who can see your generated images by toggling them to public or private. If you toggle your images to public, they will be visible and useable by other members and may be used by Leonardo.AI for advertising or product improvement purposes. If you toggle to private, your creations won’t be visible to other users or even Leonardo.AI, and they won’t be subject to use for any advertising or improvement purposes.

Will my content be kept private or can it be used by Leonardo.AI or other users?

As per our Terms of Service, any images that are not toggled to private (or for the duration that they are set to public) grants Leonardo.AI the right to use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, create derivative works of, publicly display, publicly perform, sublicense, and distribute text prompts and images you input into the services, or any assets produced by the service at your direction. This license also allows Leonardo.AI to make the assets available to the public and use them in order to provide, maintain, promote, and improve the services.

However, if you toggle your images to private, they won’t be visible to other users or Leonardo.AI, and they will not be subject to use by Leonardo.AI for advertising or improvement purposes.

TLDR: If you don’t want anyone else to use your creations - have a paid plan and keep the Public Images toggle OFF!

Please refer to our Terms of Service for full details, but here’s some handy examples to explain further:

Example 1

As a free plan user, Jason wants to create a design for his T-shirt business…

  • Jason can use free tools such as the AI-Generations tool to create new concepts.

  • Jason can use any of the fine-tuned models to experiment with different styles for his concept.

  • Jason can “copy prompt” from another image on the public feed to experiment with his own concept.

  • Jason can “remix” another image on the public feed for his concept.

  • However, all Jason’s design concepts will also be publicly viewable for other Leonardo users to copy and remix.

  • Jason can upgrade to a paid plan to have his generations kept private - but not ones he has already created.

Example 2

As a paid plan user, Jane wants to create a design for her sticker business…

  • Jane can use the complete suite of Leonardo’s tools to create new sticker concepts, e.g., Alchemy.

  • Jane can use any of the fine-tuned models as well as train her own models for her own private use.

  • Jane can still “remix” another image on the public feed for her concepts.

  • Jane can “copy prompt” from another image on the public feed to experiment with her own concepts.

  • However, Jane’s design concepts have the option to remain private, preventing other Leonardo users from viewing, copying, and remixing.

  • If Jane downgrades to a free plan, only her previous private generations will remain private.

In both of these examples, any image generated within a free plan will be publicly accessible. Only images generated in a paid plan with the Public Image toggle OFF will remain private.

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