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Tokens FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Tokens

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Tokens in Leonardo.Ai - an introduction

Tokens are the currency used in Leonardo.Ai to pay for everything you do on the platform (with a few exceptions). You will see how many Tokens an action costs, generally on the button itself!

You can keep track of how many Tokens you have left in the top left corner on the main page or on the bar right on the top in some tools such as the Image Generation tool.

You may also hover your cursor over the tokens counter for detailed information such as the amount of tokens you have for rollover or if your plan has Relaxed Generations, which will allow you to continue generating images even after you run out of tokens.

On some screens, you will see how many Tokens you have left just above the “Generate” button, or in the tooltip that appears if you hover your mouse over an Upscale button.

There are many different settings and tools which can affect the Token cost of an image generation, you can find a breakdown in this article!

I’m a free user, what happens if I don’t use all my Tokens in a day?

As a free user you have a daily allowance of 150 Tokens. Tokens do not accumulate if they are unused, so if you don’t use them all then unfortunately they expire and do not carry over to the next day.

I’m a paying user, what happens if I don’t use all my Tokens in the month?

As a paying user, you have a monthly allowance of Tokens according to your specific plan. Note that unlike the Free plan which resets your Tokens daily, you can use your Tokens at any point during the month.

Any unspent tokens at the end of your billing cycle will be accumulated for rollover in the Rollover Bank, with an maximum cap of 3x your monthly token allowance. This can be viewed by hovering your cursor over the tokens counter within the app. Any accumulated tokens will be automatically spent normally once you have completely used up your monthly token allowance. For additional information on Tokens Rollover please see this article.

Can I buy Token packs / top-ups?

Not right now, but we are working on implementing this.

Can I transfer or gift Tokens to another user?

Not at the moment.

I’ve used all my Tokens, how can I keep generating images?

If you’re a Free user and you’ve used all your Tokens, you will have to wait for your next daily reset before you can keep generating images. Hover your mouse over the token counter to view when your next token reset will happen.

If you’re on Free plan and are finding that you always need more Tokens, consider subscribing to one of our paid plans to get more Tokens to play with as well as access to premium features such as the Quality generation mode! You can see our plans here.

As a bonus for paying users - if you are on a paid plan, if you fall below 150 Tokens you will get a free daily reset to 150 Tokens. Just wait for your next daily reset!

As an added bonus for Artisan and Maestro users - if you are on these plans, you have access to Relaxed Generations in the Image Generation tool. Relaxed Generations activates automatically if you completely run out of Tokens (this includes any tokens in the Rollover Bank). Once activated, you get unlimited image generations, but with slower processing, depending on the overall user activity on the app.

Note that while relaxed rate generation is active, your Token balance will show a “negative” balance - don’t be alarmed, as the “negative” Tokens will not be deducted from your actual Token balance. The negative Token balance is purely there to indicate that you are currently using relaxed rate generation, and you will see your Token balance reset on a daily basis to 150 Tokens.

Can I manually activate relaxed rate generation?

No, it is only activated automatically if/when you run out of Tokens on an Artisan or Maestro plan.

I’m a paying user, how can I get more Tokens if I run out?

Currently there is no way to purchase more Tokens on a one-off basis (ie. Token packs / top-ups). If you have run out of Tokens, please consider upgrading to a higher plan - this will immediately give you more Tokens. If you are already on the highest plan (Maestro), please reach out to Support via chat or email

To upgrade your plan, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on your Tokens in the top left.

2. Click the “Upgrade to…” button below the plan you want to upgrade to

3. You will see a confirmation window appear which explains the plan upgrade in detail, and show you the cost of upgrading at the bottom. Click “Confirm” to proceed to checkout.

Note: Upgrading your plan does not change your current billing cycle, which means that it will not change the date of your monthly Token reset.

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