1. Who are Events Available For?

  2. What are Events?

  3. How to Create a New Event

  4. Event Visibility

  5. Event Invite Options

  6. Adding Event Invite to User's Calendar

  7. Event Attendance

  8. Automated Event Attendance Tracking (Non-Zoom)

  9. Filtering Events

  10. Archiving an Event

  11. Learner Point of View

  12. Event Email Notifications

Who are Events Available For?

Events are available to customers in the Pro, Pro+Coaching, and Enterprise packages. If this feature isn't turned but would like it to be please reach out to your Account Manager or email Support at and we are happy to help.

What are Events?

Events are Lessonly's version of live in-person or virtual training. Admins can create an event by selecting the Event tab in the navigation menu at the top of the screen


Important Note

By default, only admins can create and manage events. Depending on permission settings, managers and creators have the ability to be able to instruct, create, and manage events. Check out this article for more detail.

Once the user navigates to the Events tab they will see a list of events that have already been created with the dates, and attendees (if applicable) as well as the option to create a new event. 

How to Create a New Event

To create a new event select "+New Event" in the upper right-hand corner of the Events page.

When creating a new event, the user is asked to add in necessary criteria including the name of the event, the date it is to be scheduled, a short description, the location, time, and the instructor.

The event creator can set a max amount of users to be able to RSVP to an event. To learn how to cap the number of attendees, check out this article.

Events are able to be copied. To learn more about this process, check out this article.

Event Visibility

After creating the event the overview screen opens:

The user can then copy the link listed at the bottom and share this link to a specific set of learners for them to RSVP or they can edit the event to be viewable on a group-by-group basis. This functionality is located on the right-hand side of the screen under Listing Visibility.

For more information on making events viewable by group, check out this article here.

Event Invite Options

Users are able to register for an event in one of three different ways:

  1. Directly receiving the link from the instructor.

  2. Being invited through a Lessonly generated email.

  3. Accessing an available event visible to their group.

Adding Event Invite to User's Calendars

Once the learner has registered for an event, they are able to add this event to their calendar by selecting "Add to Calendar" after completing their registration. A drop-down populates and prompts the user to select either Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, or Apple iCal. They'll select the one applicable to them.

Once the calendar of choice is selected, the user's calendar opens up in a new window requesting the user to save the event.

If the event is virtual, users can sign up through Zoom. For more information on the Zoom <> Lessonly Events integration, check out this article.

Important Notes

  • If an event's time or date is updated, invited users receive a "This event has been updated" email with an updated .ics file. Users who have already RSVP'd to the event, the update will automatically be reflected on their calendar.

  • When an event is canceled or a user is removed from an event, a cancellation email is sent and the event is removed from the user's calendar.

Event Attendance

After the event, the instructor or admin can go back and view the users who attended and did not attend by selecting the appropriate box in the Guest section. This section also provides the instructor of the event users who have RSVP'd to the event prior to the date.

Users are also able to update their attendance status on their end when allowed. Check out this article for more information.

Automated Event Attendance Tracking (Non-Zoom Events)

When creating an event, the event organizer can include a conference link in the Other Video Conference section. This automatically generates a new join link to be used for attendance tracking.

Once selecting "Create Event," the event organizer is taken to the Event Overview page.

From here, the organizer can view the URL of the Lessonly-generated join link.

For event invites, the experience remains largely unchanged.

The attendance tracking "join" link is included in all invitee-facing material, such as the invitation email and under My Training Events in Learn.

Selecting the link navigates the invitee directly to the video conference event. Additionally, for users attending the event, selecting "Join Meeting" navigates them to their virtual meeting while tracking attendance.

Important Note:

If an event attendee is already logged into Lessonly, selecting the join link navigates them directly to their video conference event. If the event attendee is not logged into Lessonly, they are prompted to log into Lessonly before being automatically navigated to their video conference event.

When an attendee selects the join link to attend the video conference, Lessonly automatically updates their attendance status.

  • Any user who selects the join link is marked as Attended, regardless of their RSVP status.

  • Invitees who have RSVP’d to the event, but who don't select the join link are marked as Unconfirmed.

  • Invitees who do not RSVP or who select they won't be attending are marked as Did Not Attend.

Organizers retain the ability to edit user attendance statuses after the event as well.

Filtering Events

Similar to the Content tab, Events are filterable by the event creator, the event instructor, or whether the event is upcoming or in the past, or any combination of the three.

Event organizers have the ability to save a default view on the Events overview table.

Once the user has their filters enabled, they'll select "No Default View Set" and a drop-down module shows for them to save their current view as their default view.

How to Archive an Event

At any time if an event needs to be archived, this can be done via the Archive button located in the upper right-hand corner of the event overview page.

Learner Point of View - Registering for an Event

Registration is made simple by allowing users access to review upcoming events under My Training Events on the Learn page.

If an event is available to the user either through direct invite or via a group availability, users can easily sign up for the event by selecting on My Training Events on their Learn tab.

This opens a new screen containing the user's next event, any upcoming events, and past events they attended.

Event cards show the name of the event, the date and time, the instructor, the location, and whether its in person or virtually.

Event Email Notifications

Event emails follow a similar process to lesson emails and will imitate the user's email who is sending out the Event invite or emails can be customized to be sent from via the Settings tab located in the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Only admins have access to making this update.

For more information on email deliverability and making this update, check out this article.

If you have any other questions regarding events, please reach out

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