Events is a feature available to all clients in the Pro, Pro+Coaching, and Enterprise packages. If this feature isn't turned on for you and you would like it, please reach out to your CX manager or email and we can turn this feature on for you. 

What is Events?

Events is our version of in-person training that includes live training, instructor-led training, offline training, and blended learning.

Admins can create an event by first heading to the event tab on the main menu. 

Important Note - this feature is only available to Admins.

Once you have navigated to the Events tab you will see a list of events that have already been created with their dates, and attendees as well as the ability to create a new event. 

To create a new event select +New Event. Check out the image below to see what this screen will look like:

When creating a new event, you'll be asked to add in the necessary criteria including the name of the event, the date it is to be scheduled, a short description, the location, time, and the instructor. After creating the event you will be brought to an overview screen:

You can copy the link listed at the bottom and share this link to a specific set of learners for them to RSVP or you can edit the event to be viewable by groups in their Events tab. This functionality is located on the right-hand side of the screen under Listing Visibility. Check out the image below to see these two different options:

For more information on making events viewable by group, check out this article here.

After the event, you can go back and see the users who attended and who did not attend by selecting the appropriate box in the Guest section. This section will also tell you prior to the event who still need to RVSP, which users will attend and who will not attend the event. Check out the image below to see what this will look like:

At any time if you wish to archive an event, you can locate the archive button in the upper right hand corner after selecting on the event:

Registration is made more simple by allowing learners access to preview scheduled events and sign up for one of them if it is applicable. Instructors will also be able to easily see which users will be attending upcoming events. Check out the image below to see how you can make Events viewable for learners:

Users will be able to register for an event three different ways:

  1. Receiving the link directly from their admin
  2. Being invited through a Lessonly generated email
  3. Accessing an open event published to the event dashboard

Once the learner has registered for an event, they will then be able to add this Event to their calendar by selecting the add to calendar button after completing their registration. 

If you have any other questions regarding events, please reach out

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