How to Create Training Content

Learn about the five kinds of course content you can design in Seismic Learning

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Seismic Learning offers trainers and coaches five kinds of training content to help employees develop skills, reinforce best practices, and continuously improve. Content types include:

Each type can be created from the Content page of the Learning platform. Read on to learn about each one.

Create a Lesson

Lessons are relatively short training objects that help learners comprehend the fundamental facts and concepts about a given concept or practice.

To create a new lesson, navigate to the Content page, select New Content, and then select New Lesson.

A dialog prompts you to title your lesson and enter a description.

This step is optional, but adding this information makes your draft content easier to find. Remember, you can always update the title and description later.

Create a Path

Paths are comprehensive training curricula that consist of lessons about the same topic. Whereas lessons treat a discrete subject or task, paths weave together many different aspects of a given knowledge domain. Paths can take learners from merely knowing about something to fully comprehending it, or even applying their new knowledge to solve problems.

To create a new path navigate to the Content page, click the New Content button, then select New Path from the menu.

Create a Certification Path

To create a new certification navigate to the Content page, click the New Content button, then select New Certification from the menu.

A certification path is a collection of lessons creating one overall assignment. Upon completing a certification path, users receive a certificate. For more information on certifications, check out this article.

Create an eLearning Lesson

After creating a new lesson, select the chevron alongside the New Section button. This dropdown menu includes a new eLearning File Section, a special element that allows you to upload eLearning ZIP files.

For more information on configuring eLearning sections, see this article.

Create a Practice Scenario

To create a new practice scenario navigate to the Content page, click the New Content button, then select New Practice Scenario from the menu.

Practice scenarios are training simulations that users can take on their own time (i.e., they're available on demand). Scenarios are viewable by groups and can be taken multiple times. Check out this article for more information on practice scenarios.

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