1. What are Lessonly Certifications?

  2. How to Create a Certification

  3. Creating a New Certification

  4. Converting a Pre-existing Path into a Certification

  5. Building a Certification

  6. Customizing a Badge for a Certification

  7. How to Allow Users to Share Certifications

  8. Certifications Settings and Deployment

  9. Learner Point of View

  10. Certifications Overview Page Reporting

  11. Certifications Insights Page Reporting

  12. Frequently Asked Questions

What are Lessonly Certifications?

A Lessonly Certification is a path containing a certificate to be granted to users upon completion.

How to Create a Certification

Admins and users with content creation permissions can create a certificate path or add a certificate to an existing path.

There are two ways to create a certificate.

  1. Creating a New Certification

  2. Converting a Pre-existing Path into a Certification

Creating a New Certification

Admins and users with content creation permissions can create a new certification on the Content page > select "New Content" > select "New Certification."

The new certification modal populates prompting the user to input a title and description (optional).

After creating the certificate, the user is taken to the path certification building page.

Lessons, paths, other certificate,s or a placeholder can be input into a path certificate. Placeholders are used for when content has not yet been created.

Converting a Pre-existing Path into a Certification

The second route is to convert a regular path to a certification path.

Admins and users with content creation permissions can do this by locating the path to convert on the Content page > select on the title of the path > on the Path Overview page, scroll down on the right-hand side to locate the Content-Type section and select the button "Convert to Certification."

Important Note

If a certificate is added to a pre-existing path, or a path is converted to a certificate any completed users retroactively will receive the badge.

Building a Certification

The following can be added to a certification upon creation:

  • A lesson

  • A path

  • A certificate

  • A placeholder

  • Waitsteps (after publishing)

Important Note

After the certification is published, placeholders cannot be added.

Customizing a Badge for a Certification

Badges can be edited and customized to the customer's liking. To edit the badge select "Edit Badge."

By default, Lessonly provides thirty-three pre-made icons to use + the option to customize the color combination of the icon and badge colors.

Users can also upload their own custom badges. To upload a custom badge select on "Upload Custom Badge."

An "Upload Badge" module populates with information on the recommended types and sizes and prompts the user to select "Upload."

To remove a custom badge or replace it, users can do so by selecting "Remove Badge."

How to Allow Users to Share Completed Certifications

Located above the badge on the path certification overview page there is a checkbox allowing users to share their certificate publicly. When this is checked, users can share the completed certificate URL to view the certificate.

Check out this article for more information on how to allow users to share and upload a certification to Lessonly for tracking purposes.

Certification Settings and Deployment

Certification paths act identically to other content in Lessonly. Once published and ready to go, users can:

  • Include a description of the certification. This shows on the certification card on the Learn page.

  • Share ownership with other users who have content editing permissions.

  • Set the step order.

  • Add tags for organization purposes.

  • Set the certification as optional learning.

  • Add the content to the chrome extension.

  • Include a cover image for the certification card on the Learn page.

  • Assign the certification through the normal assignment process.

Important Note

Once a path has been set as a certificate, this action cannot be undone.

Learners Point of View

Users can differentiate a certification on Learn by the badge in the lower right corner of the card.

After selecting the certification the user is presented with all the available content in the certification to complete. Depending on how the certification is built, if there are waitsteps included users may not have access to all content until those waitsteps open up.

Users can view who else is currently working or has completed the certification by selecting "Who else is taking this certification."

A modal populates listing out users and their status (complete or in progress).

Once a user completes a certification path, they can view their badge(s) in the left-hand corner of their Learn page.

The user receives an email notification as well letting them know the certification is complete and prompting the user to view their certification.

By selecting a badge on the Learn page a screen populates showing the user their certification. The user has the ability to print their certification or capture the URL and copy/paste to share externally.

Certifications Overview Page Reporting

The certifications overview page shows assignment data (complete, incomplete, awaiting grade), and the ability to navigate directly to the Gradebook to export this information into an excel sheet.

Certification owners can select "Complete," and it shows all users who have completed the certification, when they started the content, and when they completed it. As well as the number of times they have taken the certification and their most recent score.

Certifications Insights Reporting

On Insights, admins and users with people management have access to download the "Certifications Report" under "More Reports."

This report lists the users and their completed certifications with the completed date.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do certifications expire?

Currently, this is not a functionality of Certifications. Please submit Product Feedback for this request.

2. If a customer has already customized their brand colors, does the badge default to this color?

Yes, the certification badges match the customer's branded colors if they have been set.

3. If a path is removed as optional learning or unassigned, what happens to the completed user's badges?

If access is removed (archived, unassigned, etc.) the badge is removed.

4. Do Certificates show up in different languages?

Yes, any non-user-generated text displays in the user's set language. When sharing the certificate, the public-facing version of the certificate is in English.

If you have any questions please reach out to Support at

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