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How to Create an Assessment

To create an assessment, an admin and manager can navigate to the "My Team" page > then select "Assess & Coach," > and choose "Create Assessment."

After selecting "Create Assessment" a modal populates prompting the user to choose:

  • The Team (group)

  • Team Members

  • Assessment Type

Then select "Submit."

How to Request an Assessment

Admins and managers can request for another user to complete an assessment by navigating to the "My Team" page > select "Assess & Coach," > then choose "Send Assessment Request."

After choosing to send an assessment, a module populates prompting the user to choose:

  • The Team (group)

  • The User(s)

  • The Assessment Type

Then select "Submit" to send the request.

This action sends an email notification to the users requested with a link to the assessment.

Important Note: When an assessment is created, any changes made to the skills for the chosen group(s) are not reflected in the assessment. Essentially, the assessment is a "snapshot" of the skills at the time of creation.

The Assessment Types

For more information on each assessment type, review the linked articles.

Important Note: The option to choose "Performance Metrics" only shows if the selected group has a skill mapped to a performance metric. If performance metrics have not been created, the option to choose "Performance Metric" is not displayed.

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