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Evaluate curricular progress and quiz performance with these records of learner achievement

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About Report Cards

Seismic Learning's report cards are like the report cards you once brought home from school, only your parents don't have to sign these cards (lucky you!)

Report cards (pages, really) record each learner's curricular progress and quiz question performance. When users complete assignments that contain gradable questions, these assignments are routed to the Grading Station. Once an assignment has been graded, its results, i.e. indicators of learner performance, are recorded on the learner's report card.

๐Ÿ“ Note: Report cards can be viewed by admins, learners, and managers who oversee groups of learners.

Each assignment on a report card includes the following information:

  • The name of the learner

  • The due date (if applicable)

  • When the user started and completed the assignment (date and time)

  • How many times the learner has taken the assignment

  • The learner's score (if applicable)

  • Section statistics, i.e., how many times each lesson section was viewed

  • Quiz questions and how learners answered them

  • Any feedback left by the grader, including feedback criteria (if applicable)

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Locating Report Cards From a Lesson

Report cards for particular lessons can be viewed in one of two ways: from a user's overview page and from the lesson overview page.

From the User's Overview Page

Navigate to the People page, then select the user whose performance you wish to review. Select the View All link alongside the completed assignments in the bar chart.

All assignments completed by the user will be listed. Select the title of a given lesson to open its report card.

From the Lesson Overview Page

Navigate to the Content page, then select the lesson whose activity you wish to review. Select the View All link alongside the completed assignments in the bar chart.

A list of all learners who've completed the lesson will be listed. Select the name of a particular user to review his or her report card.

Locating Report Cards From a Path

Each lesson in a path has its own report card. Like report cards for particular lessons, path report cards can be viewed from a user's overview page and from the path overview page.

The difference between lesson and path report cards is that path report cards show performance indicators for each lesson in the path.

From the Gradebook

Navigate to the Gradebook, then load the group, path, or lesson data you wish to see. Select a cell to view the report card of a graded or completed lesson.

You can also view the report cards of users with incomplete assignments in order to see how much progress they've made. Incomplete report cards show when the user started the assignment and which sections they've viewed.

You can also take certain administrative actions from the report card of a lesson in progress such as setting a due date, sending a reminder, or unassigning the content.

How to View Past Report Cards

When users complete the same lesson two or more times, their most recent grade will replace older grades. Admins and managers can view previous report cards, however.

To view superseded report cards, follow the steps above to load a user's report card, then scroll down the page until you see the Previous Report Cards heading.

If a user has completed a lesson multiple times, and that lesson is included in a path, you'll see a View Report Card History link for that lesson in the path's report card.

The example above shows the report card of a path, "How to Accomplish Great Things at Forage." The learner, Abram Devon, has taken a lesson in that path, "Fostering a Culture of Candor", twice; hence the link to view report card history for that lesson.

Access Your Report Card

Learners can access their report cards by navigating to completed assignments, advancing to their final sections, and selecting the View Results button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens to a user's report card when content is unassigned?

A. The report card, like the assignment it reflects, will be removed from the user's account. To restore the report card, restore the lesson with which it's associated. For more information on re-assigning content, check out this article.

Q. Can a previous grade be restored?

A. Yes. Please send such requests to the Support team at

Questions? Contact the Support team at

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