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How to easily and quickly integrate with Todoist

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Our integration with Todoist is a one-way sync that will pull tasks that are due today in Todoist.

You can integrate Llama Life with Todoist via a few clicks:

  • Go to 'Settings' via the cog located at the top left hand corner of the task manager

  • Select ✅ Todoist Integration

  • Click 'Connect to Todoist'

  • Give permission by clicking 'Agree'

  • Connection status should now show 'Connected'

  • Go back into Llama Life Preset Lists via icon located in the top right hand corner

  • There should now be a Todoist preset list available for you to upload into your task manager

Smart time detection does work when uploading tasks from Todoist into your task manager. Eg. if your Todoist task is 'Draft blog 45', then a task for 'Draft Blog' will be created with '45minutes' duration when uploaded into your task manager.

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