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How to use our 'Break it down' feature
How to use our 'Break it down' feature

Use our 'Break it down' feature to break down your tasks into smaller, more doable chunks

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Sometimes when you look at the tasks on your list, it's hard to know where to start, especially if it's a large task that needs breaking down, or one you've never done before.

By using our 'πŸ•ΊπŸ» Break it down' feature, we'll help you break down your tasks so you know where to start!

The Break-it-down feature is currently only available on our Desktop version, and will be added to our iOS app shortly.

You can break down your tasks by:

  • Adding the task you want to break down into your task manager

  • When ready to work through this task, click on the chevron in that task and then click 'πŸ•ΊπŸ» Break it down!'

  • You will then see the new steps with approximate times - you can delete any that are not needed

  • From here you have 3 options:

    • Click on 'Add to list' which will add the new steps to your main list, replacing the original task that was broken down

    • Click on 'Save Preset' which will save the list as a new preset for you to edit and reload again and again

    • Click on 'Run again' if you felt the new steps weren't suitable

  • Edit any tasks in your main list or Preset List

  • Voila! Click start and go!

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